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U2 Token

We are pleased to see each of the U2 investors as our partners.


about U2

The main purpose of generating an exchange token:

  • In case of any damage to the investments of investors investing in the stock exchange, to ensure that the loss is amortized with the stock exchange U2 token.
  • To encourage the growth of the U2 token economy as the stock market grows.
  • By turning this exchange token into a smart contract, it paves the way for many new projects to be launched and gives investors many options to invest better.

But today, we all see that even the most well-known exchanges have failed to do so.

Our U2 token is here with the vision it should be. We don't just give you the experience of the stock market that you deserve. We offer much more than a stock exchange token. We care deeply about U2 investors and we explain this in detail in our White Paper. We are pleased to see each of the U2 investors as our partners.

Welcome to the Next Generation Decentralized Exchange of the Future.


Why Us?

We've always wanted to turn our years of blockchain experience into an investor-friendly exchange. For this purpose, we are pleased to implement the world's largest and investor-friendly DeX stock exchange with our team-mates who are experts in their field. While establishing Youdex, we always thought about how we could be more beneficial to our investors and a great DEX idea came up. Most of today's stock markets do not only make illegal transactions, but also intervene that will victimize their investors with various manipulative games. Now we come to give our investors the value they deserve by creating an investor-friendly DEX. Are you ready for a new generation stock market experience?


Reference System

We state that Youdex is user and investor oriented at every opportunity. As a product of this, we are proud to present you the multi-layered reference system. Earn as you earn, earn more for every referral connected to you.

Thanks to our reference system, you can earn U2 for reference up to 5 levels. 10% of each purchase will be transferred to your U2 account by those who register with your link.

As the level increases, the rate decreases, but you will continue to win until the 5th level.

You win at first level 10%, second level 8%, third level 5%, fourth level 3% and fifth level 1%.

Token Sale Details

Token Distribution


Check out our first quarter roadmap.

Check out our first quarter roadmap.


We strongly recommend that you read the documents to learn more about us.

Stay Tuned

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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